12 April 2007


The Earth/Moon System

In reality from where I stand/exist/experience/perceive as a sentient being, we/Earth spin, so it appears the Moon moves around us quickly through the day and then disappears in a quick orbit, but it us/Earth that spins around completely once during the course of our 24ish hours, giving the appearance that it is the Moon that orbits around us/Earth, when in fact the Moon actually takes 29.53 days to orbit around us/Earth.

The Sun provides a similar appearance of going around the Earth in 24ish hours, but we/Earth orbit the sun in 365ish days, and it is our 24ish hours of spinning that creates the perception of the sun orbiting.

Funny that the center of the universe was considered for millenia to be Earth.

We had to expand our conception, reshift our perception of center, develop new tools, then realize there is no center of the universe....

...and now we realize that the pin-point prick seed of our consciousness is the center of the universe, of understanding.

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