15 February 2005


> http://www.liberation.fr/page.php?Article=264019

Now even the press, albeit the French left press, has acknowleged my latest intuitive (and otherwise) proclamation: shopping is totally over. Brands are totally over. Give the television masses a decade or so, maybe a bit more for the new immigrants looking for that commodified American dream, but for the most part, it will be on the decline. This is all of course in direct relation to my most voracious reading of late: No Logo by Naomi Klein.

Hopefully also soon, capital will sift out of the research and development coffers of multinational corporations looking for the most innovative ways to psychologically present their useless products and into more pockets of more people in this world, in a more equitable distribution.

I recently met a girl whose job was to develop a tear-resistant Glad trash bag. It would just be a few dollars more than a regular Glad trash bag. Glad was spending millions of dollars on this trash bag development project. The girl just bought a $985,000 house in Oakland. I think I'll really just double-bag two generic bags that cost one quarter of a Glad bag - especially when after giving me a niftily-wrapped sample package with a single bag inside of it, she then watched me push my finger right through the plastic of her new, tear-resistant bag.

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