29 January 2005


Could someone please tell me why the United States has any reason whatsoever to involve itself in the elections of another country, of another people? Thanks. I appreciate it.

This occupation in order to "spread freedom," as Condoleeza Rice stated after being sworn in as the new Secretary of State, has and will always remain an oppressive form of colonization and imperialism. This spreading of freedom is more like a spreading of pizza sauce. As a reminder, freedom cannot be given to anyone, it must be taken. The people of the world will have to come to terms with this state of freedom that is being imposed upon them and realize for themselves that this freedom is a lie. They are simply being subjected to an ideological imperialism scripted by those in power in order to reserve further power. Is this not completely obvious to most of the world now? Is this simply about money and material resource, or has the Unites States sought to obliterate other ways of conceptualizing how lives might be lived? There really is no such thing as a democracy. We see that every day in the United States. The government of the United States has become the militia for the dollars of multinational corporations.

I'm going to stop, because these ideas are so unoriginal. Repeating them over and over is having no effect.

What are these assholes doing?

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