22 December 2004


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Yes, the United States is testing drugs on Africans, all under the guise of "combatting the African AIDS epidemic." It is murder and we are guilty. YOU are guilty.

And for all you faggots with AIDS: Stop taking the toxic shit they push on you for profit, you dumbfuck. It's gross and stupid. You look like deformed monkeys scurrying about the gay ghettos of this country, smiling your little smiles that never fully conceal the fear of your death. Wouldn't you rather be dead? You are a vast medical experiment in the machine of capitalist profit. Do you really believe that you've no other choice? Get this: you have a choice. You have many fucking choices. Think about it. Really.

You want me to speak my fucking mind, I will. I'm sick of not speaking my mind for fear of ostracization or expulsion or friends turning against me or imprisonment. And yes, I do feel the situation is THAT grave: when a system is in place, the system works to ensure that the system is infallible. Any exceptions or discrepancies are ousted when the sanctity of that system is threatened. Do we compromise personal liberty for the salvation of the public health? Yes we do. WE quarantine and jail them. We make the mothers give their babies drugs against the will. The body has become the territory of the State in this respect. Inflictions upon the body from without, in the form of questionnaires, injections, extractions, have left the membranes and pulses of our flesh to the vagaries of popular and political trend. Up for grabs in a game of medical fascism, our bodies are. Completely up for grabs.

The way we even think, the way we conceptualize, is molded around the agendas of pharmaceutical corporations. It is they who are presently scripting the language in which we are able to even express ourselves. There are of course hopeful exceptions, but there seems to have developed a double-speak that gallops alongside our everyday American English that nips away at our thoughts, co-opting them so that words like "procedure," "administration," control group," benefits," syndrome," condition," bioengineered" latch on in just such a way that our capacities to express ourselves via any other means are slowly being altered. They may eventually be taken away from us entirely. When entire medical conditions are AUTHORED by pharmaceutical corporations looking for a market for their latest pill, then the syndrome/condition/disease/whathaveyou LEGITIMIZED through proper medical processes and validations such as esteemed researchers on salary, or through an article in a medical journal that can only exist due to the money given to it by pharmaceutical corporations for advertisements, the language begins to change. The ways of thinking begin to change. The ways of conceptualising existence begin to change. Other ways of expression are forgotten. I can no longer "feel a little blue today." Rather now, I am suffering from the newest acronym that can be cured by a particular pill touted in the TV commercial that told me about the acronym, so I do like they tell me to do, and I run run run to my doctor to ask him about it today, then he gives me a prescription for it - and look! I've been supplied with the demand by the suppliers who demand.


Do we really test medications on Africans for money? That's not possible! That's HORRIBLE TO SAY!! We do it because we want the world to be a better place! We want to help people!!!!!!!!!!!

BULLSHIT. If that were true, every single medicine would be FREE.

(Just so you know, I am DISGUSTED by this bit of reality. It makes me SO ANGRY.)

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