29 September 2004


Why must a political candidate have an image? Why must all political leadership happen through the realm of television presentation? I do not not care what the president looks like, what he says, or who he fucks. I do not care what myth he creates, to which nationalist sentiments he appeals, or to which emotions he enlists as his soldiers towards reelection.

I simply care what actions he takes as political officer and whether or not his actions are in line with my beliefs. I don't care what party, what race, what national origin, what sexuality, what sex, what anything - all of those are irrelevant.

I wish politicians would stop speaking for one goddamn second and actually take action towards constructively changing our national institutions so they protect and support each citizen equally. As things are now, politicians are only concerned with what they say and how they appear, not actually what political actions they take.

I will vote for you if your actions and platform are in line with my morality.

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