05 August 2004

Prison can't kill notorious student-teacher affair

Prison can't kill notorious student-teacher affair - World - www.smh.com.au

I love this. Completely going against social and cultural convention, the teacher falls in love with her sixth grade student, has two of his children, and gets thrown in prison for fucking him.

I think it's perverse and that's why I like it. Perversion shows us our social limits an challenges our personal boundaries. The authority of law has no business meddling in the personal lives of citizens. Legality cannot enforce morality, as that which is considered moral is continually shifts and changes in dynamic culture, especially one as heterogeneous as that of the United States.

I wonder to what degree cultural difference permitted the boy with a Pacific Island background to pursue a relationship with his teacher. Did he tell his mother about it? Did she care? She's taking care of their children while the mother is in prison - why?

It's a shame that laws are set up to protect and thusly ENFORCE a particular mind set or way of thinking. Herein lies the myth of Freedom, ESPECIALLY that myth of American Freedom that has been constructed and enforced to maintain hegemony by white, male, heterosexual, corporate interests and to reify them into an ideal-to-be-attained.

And YES, we do hear that ALL THE TIME - that particular consituency of our population "oppresses and dominates everyone else" but it must be accepted that this is indeed true!!!!!! If it weren't true, it wouldn't have become such a considerable trope for our age. Every institution and legal mechanism has been built to maintain, privilege, and enforce that world order, and that world order is simply not fair. The institutions that function to serve people must serve them equally. I hope it is understood and FELT that this is true and that they do not.

Love and human connection is one of those beautiful things that can transcend everything - laws, distance, age, physicality, science, morality - and for that we must humbly give thanks. I gain great personal strength from knowing this and have claimed it as one of my truths.

If I fell in love with a twelve year old - and it is possible - would you punish me or would you understand me?


jack said...
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olen said...

umm... has this been censored? I did not delete the above comment!!!! Is Big Brother watching our every move?