12 August 2004


State high court invalidates SF's same-sex marriages / By 5-2 vote, justices rule against Newsom, say mayor went too far

See! If we continually require the government to get involved in personal relationships and to validate them through its institutions of inequity, then we will be continually fucked!!! ALL PEOPLE - GAY AND STRAIGHT - MUST NOT PARTICIPATE IN STATE-SANCTIONED MARRIAGE!!! The insitution and its privileges discriminate against people that choose to remain single or who choose to be with more than one person! Just because homosexuals choose to imitate procreative heterosexual couples should not be a reason to bestow privileges such as tax breaks and access to health care and other benefits. It's completely unfair!!!!!!!! The institution is a relic of procreative, Christian governments and needs to be abolished!

Now, having a committment ceremony in front of friends family and community is one thing, but involving the state is OPPRESSIVE.

Catch my drift?

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Daniel said...

Completeley agree. My partner and I recently had a Committment Ceremony instead of a marriage despite the fact we could have been legally married.

The point is making a public statement of committment and sharing/celebrating it with friends and family. There is no reason why a government should be involved.

That said, if the government is going to administer marriage through laws, these laws must not discriminate and give extra priviledges to 'opposite sex' partners.