09 August 2004


The New York Times > Washington > Campaign 2004 > Keyes vs. Obama in Illinois Race

The only reason Barack Obama is popular is because he is highly palatable to white people. Popular, because it is white people that make up the majority of the populous.

He is not the "real American nigger" that always makes whites in power uncomfortable. He is an acceptable form of African-American, since he really isn't African-American as America has come to know it. He does not threaten any of the ideologies in question that maintain the institutions of power that are for and benefit white rich people.

I'd like to see a dark-as-night, corn-rowed nigga from da block step forward, full in his ghetto glory, lead the American people in only ways that he can. It's time. I'm completely serious. Perhaps now that Obama has somewhat brought to light and tempered

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