14 April 2004


Yahoo! News - Wal-Mart Sells Anti-Smut DVD Player

Read the above article and then come back to this page.

I am distressed about the state of "moral affairs" in this country. That people would go to such great lengths as purchase technologies that seek to eliminate any inappropriate imagery or language from entering their personal spheres and thusly, the attendant feelings of discomfort due to perceived infringements on the particular set of selected or inherited morals with which people have claimed as their own and equate with their entire identity, is a disturbing reality.

I cannot endure living for much longer in this culture of shame and psychological complexes that motivate the pixellating of nipples and the covering up of penises and the censoring of voices. It is crippling, even to me with my angry voice of neo-liberal rebellious finger-pointing, to have to giggle uncomfortably when we see something we "shouldn't have seen" and a great waste of time, frankly. Why do we giggle uncomfortably? It's a BREAST.

This failure to address the mechanisms of morality that set us up to perceive pain and to take offense perpetuates this completely ridiculous cycle of set-up-this-moral-code to have it-be-threatened-by-this-breach-of-its-sacredness. We need to ask why and how. Once we understand the why and how the mechanism works, we can then step outside of its conditioning.

WHY does that nipple need to be covered up?

Is it because we in actuality really really really want to see it so so so badly because it stirs in us powerful emotions that we don't get to feel?  Is there a psychoanalytical analysis to be made? (of course)

But then isn't the reason why it stirs up powerful emotions that we don't often feel (and we lust after glimpses of the nip) precisely BECAUSE they're usually covered up?

What if nipples were never covered up?! Would they lose all their power as objects of desire? Would their meaning as objects which lustful tongues desire to lap disappear?  Absolutely.

Why keep things hidden? So we can discover them over and over again in a titillating game of eternal hide-and-go-seek with ourselves?

What a waste of time.

Check your mechanism.

And do not shop at Wal-Mart.

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