11 March 2004


Not only is colonialism still around, but the mind that colonizes is still completely operational. It sickens me to see the level of exploitation of other cultures and countries carried out under the guise of "aid" and "help" and correction by the first world and the West. When will we cease to impose our models of existence, our moralities onto the others on this planet? Modern medicine has succeeded in organizing the health of the poor intoits explicit categories and all is done in a completely Eurocentrist condescension towards any other world view.

We still believe we're superior! It's ridiculous! Simply because we claim science as our truth and justification. The concept of cultural superiority may not even be present in the minds of the Others. Not everyone believes that death and illness are horrible things - why must we presume they do? UGH.

Get the FUCK OUT OF AFRICA, you missionary instruments of empire.