02 December 2003


I think we need to reconsider the notion of 'privacy.'

Why, why, why have we grown to a place where there are things that bring us shame? This inherited pain, completely based in fear and judgement, is continually stifling the efforts of the world. Why are there things that we could absolutely never let our mothers discover for fear of being chastized or otherwise negatively treated? For example: What to do if your Mom discovers your blog...

I want to let go of all things that I feel I need to hide from other people - thoughts, habits, desires, movements - everything. Wouldn't that be grand? Embarrassment, guilt, shame: please evacuate the premises.

We feel ashamed, embarrassed, or guilty for that which we would shame, criticize, or accuse in others.

For example:

"Oh god, I can't shit just yet because there are still people at the urinal and they might hear the flapping flatulence of my sphincter and the sloshing of my shit or the spraying of my diarrhea. Heaven forbid!*"

- I only think this because when I hear the above phenomenon occurring while standing at a urinal, I think to myself "oh my! poor guy!" and just want to start laughing. ..but why poor guy? Why so bad? Why such need to privatize the functions of the body? Sex, shit, etc.? The confluence of space organizing and separating architecture and Christian values of purity/cleanliness affirm this fear, as do science and germ theory, both Western transpositions of those Christian values.

* Heaven forbids a lot of stuff and is therefore the source of a lot of stuff. Check yourself, everyone for relics of religion-induced guilt, shame, and embarrassment. Most of it comes from there, even if you're not religious at all - we live in a world where most values have been shaped by religious doctrine.