17 February 2010


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The continual rise of Whole Foods and its power to influence the market and alter the dynamics of industrial farming is not just a blip on the radar. While the more radical tend to find fault in a chain of such magnitude or scoff at the owner's stance on US healthcare, the effect of consumerist activism through the arm of Whole Foods is undeniable.

Remember: YOU and your dollar determine what is planted on the farm.


Andrew said...

You might also be interested in the role Wal-Mart had in elbowing rBGH-tainted milk off the market. Their customers asked for it relentlessly, and finally they pushed their dairy suppliers into only offering non-rBGH milk. Others, such as Safeway, Kroger, and Starbucks soon followed suit.


It seems to me that the real bad guys here (other than Monsanto of course) are the FDA. Whole Foods and even Wal-Mart want to do right by their customers, so long as they can do so profitably. The FDA on the other hand is entirely beholden to special interests and lobbyists, and is in no way held accountable for the damage done to humankind and the globe as a result of their decisions.

Andrew said...

I got this backwards, Wal-Mart was the last of these companies to join the anti-rBGH movement. However they are so huge in terms of the volume of their milk sales that they dealt the rBGH-using producers a death blow.