25 October 2009


It's all very interesting because of course there's been a Western agenda on Africa - to colonize and exploit it - and naturally cultural imperialism follows. It's just very interesting to see how and which Western values are appropriated (Christianity) and which ones are rejected (homosexuality), and all using the Queen's English. Sure, the practice of sodomy and male-male love has always happened in Africa as it has elsewhere in the world, but the modern scientific concept of homosexuality is new to us all.

I’d love to remind all the archbishops in Africa that Christianity and the modern concepts of sexuality, homosexuality, and homophobia were all imposed on colonial Africa by the Europeans and that there’s no such thing as an "African culture."

Very good article, cultural anthropologically-speaking. Culture clash, conflicting agendas, moral subjectivity, religious absolutism, public/global health vs. alleged African cultural purity. Juicy!

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