27 February 2009


If you happened upon this site after seeing the lovely performance at Brava Theater of Bitch! Dyke! Faghag! Whore!, you were no doubt affected in some way or another. Thanks for seeing the show. It sure is a whole lot of fun, ain't it? I'm curious to hear your thoughts, criticisms, and experiences, so please make some comments!


Dino said...

I want to thank you for your performance last night. You and the talented cast of dancers provide a wonderful frame for Penny Arcader. You were the first dance I encountered when I entered the theater last night. I immediately knew I'd be in for a treat and was not disappointed.
Dino Di Donato

miss lila bird. said...

i think my favorite bit of the night was seeing all of the dancers come out clothed at the end of the show. there's something about staring at someone half naked all night and then seeing what they look like in normal life that is quite the reverse of the usual wondering what people on the street are like behind closed doors.
so, thanks for that!

Anonymous said...

I really have nothing more meaningful to say than thank you for a wonderful evening at Brava. Thank you also for the very interesting links on your blog.