22 August 2008


The horror of American Slavery (with capital A and S) has NOT been acknowledged. There has been no public acknowledgment EVER. When one travels to Germany, one sees memorials to the victims of the Holocaust EVERYWHERE. Where the holy hell FUCK is the NATIONAL U.S. MEMORIAL to those enslaved by THIS country, this culture, this society that was created using human slaves?!? It should be the biggest memorial in this country, ever. A monument. Where then also is the national holiday of reflection and remembrance? MLK day is not addressing SLAVERY. only the black side of the human rights movement.

BUT money CANNOT be involved. That gets messy. Monetary compensation is too abstract, too irrelevant, and ultimately meaningless...leading to such ignorant thinking as "you got yer money, nigger, now what the fuck you want?"

Reparations must be symbolic, deeply felt on a national level, with the deepest understanding of how the thinking that produced slavery is still the thinking we have today, and INITIATED by WHITE folks - it is the white folks who have held onto the legacy of slavery and continue to maintain it through their cultural rules, legal institutions, and belief systems. it needs to be initiated by white folks with the intention of apology, and the black folks will receive and ccept only a genuine, public, symbolic, apology (cash is meaningless) and progress will have been made, opening the doors for a mutual understand of this particular problematic social phenomenon that still exists, symbolically, today.

I hope it happens in my lifetime and I will work towards making it happen.


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