29 March 2007


WHO: Male Circumcision Could Cut HIV Infection - Science News - Playfuls.com - Science & Technology

This is such BULLSHIT. Circumcision is completely unnecessary - I don't care what the fuck the World Health Organization says! Now they're just going to go into Africa, impose all their fucking western medical bullshit onto Africa, mandate it through laws based in "science" (the irrevocable contemporary God of truth) that EVERY male undergo circumcision.

Why not provide proper nutrition and water and see if AIDS in Africa is still such a huge problem, instead of dangerous surgeries?

I am completely against circumcision. It is the first act of violence a man experiences. If you clean yourself daily, you're FINE. I think it creates more self-respect and self-knowledge for men when they have to stop and take the time to gently care for such a delicate aspect of their physicality. It builds a connection to their bodies and fosters self-respect, gentleness, and respect for others.

And it gets people to take a shower.

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