09 February 2007


NoMarriage.com - Only marry foreign women.

omigod - so so true! That's really a big reason why I'm "gay." Seriously! I have always been so repelled by most American girls, especially the blond, white New Trier types with shrill-ass voices. Totally asexual. Hence relationships with Bengalis (S___), French (C___), and Australian (A___), and non-white American girls (J___). There are of course American exceptions. L___ is bisexual and masculine, which American chicks wouldn't dare consider over effecting a "Princess" stance. Divas are so much more interesting. I used to always tell my friend Andreas that if I had grown up in Germany I wouldn't have developed into and been assigned, the stupid identity of "gay" which, in relation to American women, is one of the only options for non-hyper-masculine dudes (like myself) who have no interest in pandering to the entitlement that American chicks demand and playing sports. Since a man can have another orgasm with another man, it works, sufficiently, and can be considered a lifestyle choice. But then of course, a soul with which one falls in love has no gender.

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